Thursday, March 3, 2011

For your toolkit

Posted on Thursday, March 03, 2011 by International Coach Federation

If you are looking for a few tools to help grow your business, here are a few that are worth looking into:

Networked Blogs. Want to bring your blog to Facebook (and thus your Facebook followers) without using the Notes function? Networked Blogs is a Facebook app that allows you to promote your blog on Facebook and discover new blogs in the process. The neat part? You can set it up so when you update your blog, it automatically gets posted on your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

To use, simply click on “Go to the App” and then “Register a Blog.”

Another tip: You can add a Networked Blogs widget to your blog to show those followers who found you through Facebook.
Note: You will need a Facebook account to use this blog directory.
Access it here:

Google Alerts. Want to track what others are saying about you or your coaching practice? Google Alerts allows you to do just that. Came across a piece by Isabelle Bano that sums up how to use Google Alerts; check it out here.

You basically enter keywords that you want tracked (such as your name, your business name, your product name, your Twitter handle, your website, etc.). And then you determine the content (and frequency) you want to receive in these updates. Google Alerts will take it from there by monitoring news, blogs, and live feeds (like Twitter) and send you a comprehensive update.

Clientonomy suggests also including your coaching niche as a keyword.

Another tip: Isabelle suggests keeping track of competitors in this way as well.
Note: You will need a Google account to use Google Alerts.
Access it here:

Google Analytics. Want to track how many people visit your website (including such details as average time on your site and how many pages per visit)? Google Analytics might be what you are looking for. This tool on the Google platform can show you your website traffic and will analyze the data for you.

This tool is a little more advanced and may require a bit more time to understand how to use it. Learn more about it here.

Another tip: If your blog and website are two separate entities, you can set them up in Google Analytics and keep track of traffic on both!
Note: You will need a Google account to use Google Analytics.
Access it here:

Other cool tools:
Use namechk to see if your desired username is still available at many popular social networking sites.

Use to a) shorten your links (for posting on sites where character limit is vastly important, such as Twitter) and to b) track your link traffic.

What are some of your must-use Internet tools?

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