Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We are ICF

Posted on Tuesday, March 08, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Some coaches choose to be a part of the International Coach Federation for its global reach…others for the ethics and standards it provides…and still others for the educational and growth opportunities. Whatever the reason, coaching professionals across the globe continue to partner with the ICF.

Here’s what one member said recently:

Nancy is an executive coach in the US

“I choose to be part of the ICF organization as we govern ourselves. I am proud to be a PCC working on becoming an MCC as I continue to grow as a coach. The ICF makes sure that I continue to grow with our high level continued education programs online and at the conferences each year. This keeps me at the top of my game as I am challenged to grow my leadership skills, which in turn grows my business and my clients' businesses. Every year, conference brings us a smorgasbord of speakers and training from all parts of the world--which exposes all of us to see from new eyes. This gives me a chance to connect with old friends from around and world and to make new ones. Without the ICF, I would not be connected on such a deep level to the world and what others are thinking and feeling.” –Nancy James, PCC, an ICF member since 2007.

Other reasons people choose to be a part of the ICF will be shared in future blog posts.

Learn how you can become a member of the ICF here.

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