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Taking Off The Blinders Reveals The True Self

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Rhona Post, MCC
The second Energy Work and Coaching SIG call (held Monday, March 21) was a great success. I’ve received really positive feedback including “great, practical exercises to use with clients” and “thought provoking and interesting teleseminar.”

I invited Sandy Mobley, an MCC executive coach and fellow energy practitioner to join our dialogue.

On the heels of my talk last month about the intersection of embodiment and presence resulting in our expanded capacity I used this call to educate participants about the behind the scenes practices they can do to strengthen a centered, coaching presence, which results in their increased competence to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and build trust and intimacy.

Sandy and I are both Strozzi ( certified coaches, and energy healers ( We encouraged SIG participants to try a variety of centering postures, including the Strozzi exercise of practicing length, width and depth, following one’s breath, and moving one’s breath from head to heart. We drew some distinctions between being centered and being grounded, and invited participants to spend the next thirty days practicing these different exercises as they interact with others.

I encourage coaches on the combined energy work and coaching path to engage in a spiritual practice, like Insight meditation, as a way to learn about their own thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Meditation is a powerful tool/technique to reduce suffering.

April’s talk will take place for 60 minutes beginning at 11 a.m. (New York) on Monday, April 18. During this call, we will delve in the waters of embodiment-what does it mean to embody coaching qualities of compassion, respect or empathy? The goal of the Energy Work and Coaching SIG is to strengthen seasoned coaches’ competence and confidence to explore the parts of ourselves that we often ignore, deny or avoid, and to use this increased awareness in relationships—at work and at home.


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