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Strengthening our ICF Community: What Will You Do?

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 by International Coach Federation

For the past 15 months, the ICF Global Membership & Community Committee has spent almost all our time discussing, listening, researching, and making recommendations about membership. It has been all membership, all the time. And it’s been good. Really good. We have learned a lot through extensive conversations with ICF members, and our recommendation for minimum eligibility requirements for membership has been approved by the ICF Global Board (look for more on that next month).

However, with our focus on membership (and quite appropriately so, given the direction provided to us by the Board), perhaps we have unconsciously drifted away from the “community” part of our Committee name. Membership AND Community Committee.

So how do we renew our focus on community? I believe the answer lies beyond the rules and procedures, the research and recommendations.  Community can’t be mandated. And community is not the responsibility of just a few hundred Chapter Leaders, and Global Board and Committee members. Community is up to each one of us, in our day-to-day actions as ICF members.

Community at the 2010 ICF Annual International Conference

So as the evolution and growth of our ICF community continues, and as we steadfastly pursue raising the standards for our organization, and for the coaching industry itself, I’m curious: What will YOU do to contribute?

• Are you a coach in a region where an ICF Chapter is just now emerging?  What could you do to lend a hand to those who are leading the charge?

• Are you a member of an established ICF Chapter, attending its meetings and events?  How could you help your Chapter Board with all the behind-the-scenes work they do?

• Do you read the monthly Coaching World newsletter?  What special knowledge or experience could you write up as an article?

• Are you a graduate of an accredited coach training school?  When will you go back and tell new coaches-in-training about what the ICF offers and how they can get involved in your local Chapter?

In this month’s Coaching World, our ICF President, Ed Modell, writes, “The future of ICF is in our hands! Remember we are ICF. Let us co-create our future together.” Indeed. So what will YOU do?

Kara Exner, M.C.Ed., CPCC, ACC
Chair, 2011 ICF Global Membership & Community Committee

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