Monday, March 28, 2011

I support youth!

Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Do you coach teens or young adults?

• Are you passionate about coaching youth?
• Or are you a corporate coach who just happens to have a couple teen clients?
• Do you include parents in your coaching sessions?
• What about getting permission to coach minor youth?
• Who in the world pays for youth coaching?
• Is there any difference between coaching adults and coaching youth?
• What about college youth?
• Do you coach youth with AD/HD?
• How can I build my practice coaching youth?
• Where do I find information about coach specific training for working with youth?

The ICF Teen SIG is just the place for you to get ideas, share resources and connect with other coaches who work with teens and young adults. We have guest speakers to provide us with ideas and information. We have a “pot luck” where we each bring in ideas and resources to share with each other. We have an online "group site" where we can connect with each other individually for collaboration, information and support.

My name is Sandi Lindgren: this is my second year as the Teen SIG leader. Randy Nathan started this SIG in 2006, when there were only a few of us. We felt a bit isolated, and unsupported in our endeavor to coach this population. Under Randy’s leadership, the TEEN SIG group grew to over 45 members. Now, I am HAPPY to report, we are now 100 members strong! (Woot!) We are passionate about youth! We are not picky about what age you call “youth.” We are very eclectic and varied in our experience as coaches. And–we want YOU! That is, IF you are interested in supporting youth though coaching!

We meet the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. EST (US). The call in number is: 1.218.895.3033, pin:8275657#. Please contact me for any questions, ideas and also if you’d like to be a guest speaker and share YOUR insight and wisdom about coaching youth! Email me at

-Sandi Lindgren, LICSW, PCC

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